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Mexico City, was the birthplace of Victor Ponce-Juarez. His early life was marked by poverty, but also by exposure to the cosmopolitan musical influences of a major world capital -- everything from salsa, cumbia, boleros and danzon to blues, jazz and classical music. Ponce’s earliest musical influence was his grandfather, who performed professionally in the “Trio” style. Twelve years later, the heavy metal movement was sweeping Mexico City’s youth, and Ponce’s first original songs included distorted guitars and “heavy” rhythms. Victor Ponce’s new album, Fuego, represents a new phenomenon in Latin music, a style that is true to his Mexican roots while also faithful to Ponce’s own artistic vision.


Qetzalcoatl "Serpiente Emplumada" (The feathered Serpent) the origin of his name comes from the Nahuatl and means “Quetzal”: a bird of beautiful plumage and “Coatl”, which means snake, resulting in what is commonly known as “the Plumed Serpent.” This deity was one of the most popular in Hispanic tradition and refers to the union of terrestrial and rain waters, which, among agricultural peoples, was essential for their survival, thus signifying the origin of life itself.          
Quetzalcoatl as it appears on the back ground of my website is the art work of Poet and writer Alan Mills visit his page at  to learn more about his work

Victor Ponce

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