The Akademia Music Awards Announces Its June 2015 Winners & Finalists   Email: submissions@theakademia.comWebsite: http://www.TheAkademia.comThe Akademia Music Awards would like to congratulate the winners and finalists of the June 2015 Awards. Hundreds of artists worldwide were reviewed in nearly 125 award categories. To view the winners' certificates and hear their award-winning music, please click on the above link or visit: www.theakademia.comWinning an Akademia Award is more than just an honorary distinction- it is the first step in a worldwide promotional campaign to garner more exposure and recognition for artists. Stay tuned for more news regarding these exceptional artists!The winners of the June 2015 Akademia Music Awards are: Victor Ponce” - The Akademia

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Dear Victor Ponce,   Congratulations on your recent Akademia Award win and Artist Membership!   We are pleased to inform you that your single ‘Cumbia Beat’ is now in heavy rotation and receiving a strong listener response on the following five major stations effective July 1st: KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California Radio Sydney, KHSX Radio Houston, Texas Radio London, United WMIC Radio Miami, Florida Please be sure to tune in to hear your song and to share the above station links with your family, friends and fans. At this early stage, listener response can have a measurable impact on the outcome of your radio campaign.  Kind regards,  The Akademia Team ”
Hello  everybody following are some links so you can listen to my music on line make sure you give me the thumps up,          KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California    KEDG Radio Sydney,  KHSX Radio Houston, Texas  WLDN Radio London, United  WMIC Radio Miami, Florida

Victor Ponce

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